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Mileage Verification – Guaranteed Peace-of-Mind

Clocking back the mileage to falsely boost the value of a vehicle must be one of the oldest tricks in the book. Luckily, with today's modern technology, it is becoming more difficult to do this, and easier to spot.

All G2 Certified Used Cars come with verified mileage, which means that when you find a car that is right for you, there are no hidden surprises. Our G2 Used Cars never lie about their age or the distance they have travelled. They don't need to, either, because our G2 promise means that any used car with more than 120,000km on the clock is automatically excluded from the program. If it is older than 5 years from date of registration, it is also excluded. So, not only are you receiving a verified mileage when you purchase, you are also being offered a range of vehicles with low mileage and recent year models to choose from. In fact, an average 65% of our used vehicles are less than 2 years old with an average of 25,000 km on the clock.

We verify the mileage through a few methods, but because all of our cars come with a full service history through one of our certified dealers, we can check the service logs against the VIN to confirm.

G2 Certified Used Cars: For motoring peace of mind.