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Roadside Assist with G2 Certified Used Cars

The G2 Roadside Assist package is designed to ensure that you get the fastest help possible, when you need it most. As an optional extra to our G2 used cars, this 24-month service offers a wide range of features to keep you safe.

The G2 Roadside Assist plan offers the following features:

Emergency Medical Services

If you are in a life-threatening situation due to a medical emergency, G2 Assist will call for help and arrange transport to get you to the nearest hospital1. It also offers medical information over the phone, referrals to doctors and medical practitioners, emergency message transmission, guaranteed hospital admission (up to R5000)2 and arrangements to escort minors to safety after an accident.

  • costs at your own account
  • to be refunded by you or your medical aid

Trauma Counselling

The 24-hour helpline offers trauma counselling for a number of traumatic events. You will have access to any of our experienced nurses, including advice and support where required.

Roadside Assistance

The G2 Assist package goes hand-in-hand with the G2 warranty plan. If you are in need of assistance because of a mechanical or electrical breakdown as covered in your warranty, no costs will be incurred.

We are also able to provide you with additional assistance1 if you require help for issues such as flat batteries, flat tyres, your vehicle running out of fuel, keys locked in your car, etc.

  • these may incur additional charges

Legal Assistance

Call our 24-hour helpline for legal advice on any legal issues, including labour law disputes and motor accident advice. All lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for telephonic assistance.

Map Assistance

Lost and can’t access your GPS? Left your directions behind? Phone our helpline and our agents will be able to offer you clear directions over the phone, or by email.

While all of our used cars are mechanically and technically sound, we are always prepared for the unexpected. The G2 assist plan offers you extra peace-of-mind and is an affordable addition to your G2 Used Car.

Call 0860 10 22 89 for our 24-hour helpline.

G2 Certified Used Cars: For motoring peace of mind.